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October 7 2012

bar cafe in ouveillan near narbonne

Its a great pity that Ouveillan seems to no longer have a lively weekend with the Fete de Vendanges, with country dances, wine being pressed, and horseman riding through the streets.

Now what was the weekend for enjoyment for all pursuits is just a some what large vide-grenier.

However I always find vide-greniers are more that just looking for some one else's throw aways, or a book that hasnt seen the light of day for some time, or clothes of questionable vintage ..... its seeing the plethora of people, the real people of these parts. The dresser uppers and dresser downers of Sundays - the families, the children, the lone buyers - its all there. Its an excellent time to sample the local bar, and sit back and watch Languedoc in all its fineries walk by. A coffee, or a wine, or a beer, and one is amply rewarded by people watching; and even meeting an old friend long time not seen.

Vide-Greniers are a good opportunity to investigate a village, to walk down its narrow streets, look a the local church, the properties for sale or newly built, to look at the large vegetables in allotments and gardens, to just take in the daily views of everyday life. So next time you see a sign for a Vide Grenier - think of it as a meditative adventure in the art of shopping -- where will it lead?!

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 vide grenier, ouveillanAutumn vegetables on sale in Ouveillan

ouveillan central market area

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Look for that long lost Van Gogh in the Vide Greniers of Languedoc!
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