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Olivia Ruiz - La Femme Chocolat
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Olivia Ruiz - Beautiful Audoise Singer with Spanish vocal vitality
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Languedoc Music - Olivia Ruiz

Olivia Ruiz, was born on January 1, 1980, daughter to well respected musician and teacher Didier Blanc (who has worked often with René Coll and his Orchestra), and Christiane who worked as a technician at the MSA in Carcassonne. She grew up in Marseillette, in a family with strong Spanish roots. In her youth she studied dance and theatre (taking part in the Medieval pageant at Carcassonne). At the age of 15 she joined a group called "Five" with friends at Comigne (in the style of the Cranberries and Lenny Kravitz). Later she sang and interpreted traditional and contemporary French and Spanish songs with Narbonne Accordeonist and guitarist Franck Marti. In 2001 with her father Didier Blanc, she performed at a number of large events latin and french music. She coilaborated with Les Tetes Raides, and then took part in Star Academy on television. After a few reclusive months she created a first album "J'Aime pas L'Amour" which was successful. Her next album "La Femme Chocolat" was created with the help of Christian Olivier of Tetes Raids, Christophe Mali of Tryo, as well as Ben Ricour, Juliette, Alain Cluzeau and Mathias Malzieu of Dionysus. In 2006 it was named Album of the Year by Victoires de la Musique selling over 1 million copies. Her latest hit album "Les Meteores" did well with the single "Elle Panique". In this album she embraced new directions with the backing of her musical husband Mathias Malzieu of Dionysus, and Austrian folk singer Lonely Drifter Karen, French band Coming Soon, and the Noisettes from London.

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