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Domaine Croix Sainte Blanche

At the Foire de la Pomme, du Vin, du Riz at Aigues-Vives, near Marseillete in Aude at a stall i was impressed by the wines of Patrick Dousse, from his wine domaine at Douzens, in the Corbieres.

With great patience, and quiet cognition of the mix of cepage, soil, and all the subtleties of wine making he introduced me to his fine variety of his rosé and red wines. With a robust Rose 2011 Cuvée Croix Blanche at 4.00 euros a bottle he whetted my tastes.

A delightful, light colored, red - Cuvée du Jardin 2011 at 3.50 euros a bottle - was young with lots of promise - it was a promising first date!

I was taken by his Cuvée Milles Vignes 2009 at 4.00 euros a bottle, it was rich, a true corbieres, with subtlety in palate, color, with a fruity aroma and taste. It was good value.

For something a little more peppery the Cuvée Velours de Cep AOC Corbieres 2009 at 5.50 euros a bottle provided the finish, and complexity, needed for the challenge of meaty meals or select cheese plates.

Patrick Dousse introduced me to the fine taste of Marselan (a cepage I am not too familiar with) as well the retinue of Carignan, Alicante, Mourvedre, Syrah, Grenache, and Cinsault in this dalliance with the senses. I take my hat off to him for his modesty and grace in his work.

Domaine Croix Sainte Blanche
16 avenue des Corbières,
11700 Douzens
Tel: 04 68 79 02 80
Mob: 06 89 07 81 81

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 patrick dousse
Patrick Dousse

lfoire de la pomme at aigues vives, languedoc

Foire de la Pomme, du Vin, du Riz
Aigues-Vives, near Carcassonne, Aude


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